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Ethan Miller Photography

Welcome to my site. I am primarily a nature & wildlife photographer from southwest Iowa, though my photographic interests are many and varied. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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Swedish Candle Gifs

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Swedish Candle

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Grotto of the Redemption

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A six second exposure of the lightning bugs in the field next to my yard.

Blue Angels

I've uploaded the USN Blue Angels gallery. These photos are from both days of the 2009 Offutt airshow.

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Coal Train

A BNSF coal train rolls through the foggy Mills county countryside.


Sparks fly from a glowing campfire.

Glenwood Lake Park

A foggy morning at Glenwood Lake Park.

Red Fox

A red fox basks in the sun outside its burrow.

Davies Amphitheater

A deer munches on the remains of last year's flowers near the Davies Amphitheater at Glenwood Lake Park.

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7:50 PM
7:50 PM
Emerging Cicada
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